Is your life out of control, too stressed or do you feel like you have lost your ‘mojo’?


Did you know that it is estimated that more than 80% of illness is a result of mental and emotional stress? Scary huh?


Stress causes sickness, it is that simple.


Some stress is good for us, it helps remind us that we are alive and keeps us safe.


Some stress  though, we could really do without.  Much of our lifestyle today is geared towards creating this sort of stress,  it seems crazy right?  The good news is there are things you can do to minimize and over come this.


So what exactly am I talking about when I say ‘bad’ stress?

Well I am referring to things like environmental stress from the overuse of pesticides, genetic modification of our food supply, pollutants in the air and water, chemical laden cosmetic products and personal care items.

Work stress – we all have had that nutjob of a boss or painful coworker that makes work, hard work!

Mental stress – Anxiety and depression can affect us all and it does at one time or another.  It could be a bad situation we find ourselves in that gets out of control leading to mental health problems or it could be your genetics that play a role, but either way your body produces chemicals such as adrenal hormones among others that actually cause internal stress

Diet can cause stress and also affect how we cope with stress.  Bad food choices, poor digestion and alcohol consumption are just a few ways  we impact our health every time something goes in our mouth.

In short – our bodies have a lot to contend with and we are not always as kind as we should be.


My goal is to educate, counsel and provide you with answers and solutions to some of these problems!




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