Ho’Oponono for Healing & Forgiveness

This beautiful healing & forgiveness prayer from Hawaii has really helped me personally and I have seen it time and time again help others.  Ho’Oponono does not need for the person you are forgiving to be present or even aware, unless of course that person is you 😉

There is no need to feel like you let someone off the hook, just realise that by holding on to this emotion you are keeping yourself on the hook!  If you are ready to let go then watch the clip and follow the steps.  I have jotted the Ho’Oponono down for you below… Continue reading

Understanding MTHFR (mofo) for beginners & 10 tips on coping with it

Hi fellow mofo’s!  I am a compound hetrozygous mofo, how about you?  Have no idea what that even means?  Neither did I once until I realised it explained a whole lot of health concerns that otherwise seemed to have no relationship with each other except my body….like me you are probably ‘not old enough’ to be dealing with this shit!

So if you have any of the following issues then mofo might be your trouble too: Continue reading