Affirmation, Commitment and the Universe

I wanted to talk a little today about how the universe works.  I know some of you might not believe in things being meant to be, some of you do – and I wanted to share this little story about my recent experience.  Chakra meditation (1)

As some of you may be aware I am a passionate advocate for people who have or are being bullied, I am in the throes of building an online program to help people with this not just using my skills as a counsellor and polarity therapist but my own personal experiences.  It’s scary to do, really scary at times.  And I am at the point in this process where shit is about to get real.  It’s exciting and  very real, and at times quite overwhelming.

I felt so overwhelmed earlier this week that I had thoughts of maybe I should just give up, it’s hard, and so much work and maybe it would just be easier to work for someone else.  Just that day I received a ‘thanks but no thanks’ email for a position I had applied for some months ago when I was first moving to Townsville.  The very next day that same agency called, apparently so impressed with my CV, wondering if I was still looking for a job. By this time I had gotten over myself enough to decline their kind offer. Continue reading