The Bra or the Breath


I wrote this piece many years ago for a Polarity Therapists publication, sorry if there is a bit of technical jargon.  Overall though the message I hope is really clear ladies….boobies and breath, so incredibly important to us. chakra website

There are some quite compelling arguments as to  why women should burn their bras.  Due to their construction not allowing for the dynamic nature of our bodies, they are usually tight and ill fitting.  Their under wires and snug fitting bands cut into the ribcage and shoulders and impede the way the diaphragm functions.  They can cause chronic back, neck and shoulder pain in some.  They heave the breast into an unnatural position, which can restrict the drainage of lymph from the breast nodes.  The sucking action of the diaphragm assists this when it is functioning properly!  It can be argued that by wearing a bra you are actually contributing to sagging.  Over time the function of the pectoralis major, minor and serratus anterior muscles is impaired, and the suspensory ligaments can atrophy – all resulting in the breasts not having the support mother nature had intended for them. Continue reading