narelle-roundHi there, I am Narelle, the owner of Blessed Health.

I have had a love affair with polarity therapy for over 10 years now that began all those years ago when I studied remedial massage.  To be honest I only did the subject to give myself a rounded education and get a handle on what this ‘energy stuff’ was all about.  Boy was I in for a surprise!

The day I started that class my life truly changed!

In my years of practice in South Australia I have seen time and time again polarity therapy outgun any other form of remedial massage for helping people create lasting health. Be it physical, emotional or spiritual health we are talking about the results always came out in favor of polarity therapy.  And this included the problems physios, chiros and other health professionals had had no luck in treating.

It is my belief that health is vibrant when we have a strong 2 way flow of energy between the mind and the body.  For example, science is now starting to realize that gut health is a big contributor to depression.  It is after all where most of our serotonin is made and without it we develop this chemical imbalance in our brain.  And conversely mental stress can cause a myriad of physical problems such as musculo-skeletal pain, stomach ulcers and digestive upset just to name a few…

Polarity is on the cutting edge because it treats the person holistically, addressing issues on every level of our being, and I know first hand the benefits of this in managing my own health conditions.

Personally I have the MTHFR gene mutation and have a keen interest in helping others come to terms with this and manage it as best as possible. I know so much about stress management because it has been crucial for me to learn and implement in my life to manage my own health.  So life experience has been a great teacher as has the formal training I have had through my studies.

Reading Oracle cards has also become part of my offerings as it enables speedy insight, often much faster than counselling and other talk therapies.  It gets to the core of an issue so we can get on with the business of addressing it.  I have as long as I remember been highly intuitive and some might even say psychic.  This has enabled me to get amazing results with seemingly little time and effort.

Formally my qualifications include:

  • Diploma Polarity Therapy
  • Cert IV Counselling
  • Cert IV TAE
  • Cert IV Remedial Massage

If there is any more you would like to know about my journey or how I might be able to help you on yours please get in touch.