Asea and the Big Three: Catalase, SOD and glutathione

Blessings to you!!  I came across this article I wanted to share with you.  If you follow my page it is Blessed Health Asea Redoxprobably because you are interested in all things complimentary medicine or you have a heap of chronic health issues yourself, a little bit like me!

This article highlights the big 3 things impacted by asea, or redox signalling molecules to be more specific.  As you would know if you have mthfr or other hiccoughs along your methylation pathways, epigentics that have been triggered and you are not able to find the ‘off’ switch then read up…

Catalase, SOD and glutathione are masters at healing the body and supporting detoxification and without enough of this stuff you are going to be in trouble with things like inflammation, autoimmunity, viral overload, oxidative stress, fatigue and pain…there are a multitude of medical labels and syndromes you may have and that fact is most of them are related and your genes play a very important role in the regulation these issues in the body.  Asea supports production of these to help balance your body systems and health your body from within each cell.

Asea is truly amazing stuff…if you are not perfectly healthy you must give Asea a go! And if you are healthy Asea will improve stamina and endurance and this has been quite significant for athletes who have trialed it.  The Redox molecules found in Asea are native to the body, so our own innate wisdom simply knows where to send the molecules first in the body…it really blows me away to think about how clever our bodies are and what we can actually fix with the right raw materials going in!  Asea is among the best raw material you can give youself!

Rather than do a re-write, I have the article ASEA and the Big Three  here for you to read, written by Dave Carpenter, N.D., C. Ac.

If you are interested in knowing more about redox molecules or how to get your hands on some, as always give me a buzz on 0468 903 638 or email me or you can visit the asea store direct here (please note the drink is only available in Australia on a NFR basis, please get in touch so I am able to help you set up the right sort of account to access it)

If you have experience with redox molecules leave a comment and tell me what you think!

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