The Bra or the Breath


I wrote this piece many years ago for a Polarity Therapists publication, sorry if there is a bit of technical jargon.  Overall though the message I hope is really clear ladies….boobies and breath, so incredibly important to us. chakra website

There are some quite compelling arguments as to  why women should burn their bras.  Due to their construction not allowing for the dynamic nature of our bodies, they are usually tight and ill fitting.  Their under wires and snug fitting bands cut into the ribcage and shoulders and impede the way the diaphragm functions.  They can cause chronic back, neck and shoulder pain in some.  They heave the breast into an unnatural position, which can restrict the drainage of lymph from the breast nodes.  The sucking action of the diaphragm assists this when it is functioning properly!  It can be argued that by wearing a bra you are actually contributing to sagging.  Over time the function of the pectoralis major, minor and serratus anterior muscles is impaired, and the suspensory ligaments can atrophy – all resulting in the breasts not having the support mother nature had intended for them. Continue reading

Official Asea Launch in Australia – Reporting in!

Asea have opened their doors in Australia, officially!
I cannot tell you how much I learned on the weekend at the Australia & New Zealand launch of Asea –asea australia launch because it was was simply mind blowing.
I heard stories from people from all account who should be dead until they discovered the Asea products and turned their health around. Real people like you and me. People who had diseases and conditions that often kill people. Diseases that were described as having 2 year treatment plans that would cause them to have all their body hair fall our among a whole lot of other symptoms.  Diseases that often are fatal.
I heard from athletes who had better performance and recovery from using these products, like the lady who was cycling 100km a day using just #renu28 on her muscles and experienced no pain or fatigue…or the guy who knocked 10 minutes off Grant Kennys Coolangatta Gold time a year after battling a life threatening illness, both were helped along by these products!

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ASEA Science and evidence

Completely independent double blind trials show how Asea increases endurance, performance, energy production AND fat loss (among other things) …interesting! To say the least…Asea redox

Asea will BLOW YOUR MIND!!

Asea has been life changing for me.  You will never know if you never go! But my advice, it will change your life if you let it!

If you want to access the Renu28 gel you can as a retail or preferred customer and the Asea drink can be accessed under special license in Australia if you get a wholesale account known as ‘Associate’ account by clicking here – OR talk to me and I can walk you through the process to get the best deal for you to meet your individual needs 🙂 Continue reading

Asea and the Big Three: Catalase, SOD and glutathione

Blessings to you!!  I came across this article I wanted to share with you.  If you follow my page it is Blessed Health Asea Redoxprobably because you are interested in all things complimentary medicine or you have a heap of chronic health issues yourself, a little bit like me!

This article highlights the big 3 things impacted by asea, or redox signalling molecules to be more specific.  As you would know if you have mthfr or other hiccoughs along your methylation pathways, epigentics that have been triggered and you are not able to find the ‘off’ switch then read up…

Catalase, SOD and glutathione are masters at healing the body and supporting detoxification and without enough of this stuff you are going to be in trouble with things like inflammation, autoimmunity, viral overload, oxidative stress, fatigue and pain…there are a multitude of medical labels and syndromes you may have and that fact is most of them are related and your genes play a very important role in the regulation these issues in the body.  Asea supports production of these to help balance your body systems and health your body from within each cell.

Asea is truly amazing stuff…if you are not perfectly healthy you must give Asea a go! And if you are healthy Asea will improve stamina and endurance and this has been quite significant for athletes who have trialed it.  The Redox molecules found in Asea are native to the body, so our own innate wisdom simply knows where to send the molecules first in the body…it really blows me away to think about how clever our bodies are and what we can actually fix with the right raw materials going in!  Asea is among the best raw material you can give youself!

Rather than do a re-write, I have the article ASEA and the Big Three  here for you to read, written by Dave Carpenter, N.D., C. Ac.

If you are interested in knowing more about redox molecules or how to get your hands on some, as always give me a buzz on 0468 903 638 or email me or you can visit the asea store direct here (please note the drink is only available in Australia on a NFR basis, please get in touch so I am able to help you set up the right sort of account to access it)

If you have experience with redox molecules leave a comment and tell me what you think!

Redox Signalling and Inflammation

Hello friends!

I have a little update for you in how I am managing MTHFR and it’s associated issues and I feel like I might have hit the holy grail!

Do any of you follow Sterling at MTHFR Support?  Have you heard her talk about redox signalling?

I first saw her posting about this about 6 months ago and it got my attention! She was having some amazing results using  products called Asea and Renu28.  At that stage I did not follow it up and as the universe does when I don’t pay enough attention kept getting reminders about this put in front of me.  The most recent being this article about clinical studies being done on the involvement of redox molecules in rheumatoid arthritis.  As you can imagine with mine and my family history this was on my must read list.  It talks a lot about oxidative stress, something I know I personally have a lot of, as well as inflammatory stress; something that redox molecules can address.

With that I got onto my friends over in the states to get some of this stuff to try. I really wanted the Asea liquid but will have to wait for TGA approval early in the new year for that, but I was able to get hold of the gel, Renu28.

My experience thus far (2 weeks) with Renu has been interesting.  I have been using it on my face, around my thyroid and around lymphatic nodes as well as on my shoulders when they hurt.  These are the results:

  • Skin looks better in spite of my spending quite a bit of time in the sun (one of the joys of living in QLD)
  • My thyroid seemed to start working better, increased energy and hunger both signs of a faster metabolism.
  • My shoulders whilst not permanently fixed do get relief when I put the gel on them, I sleep better as a result.
  • Sugar cravings have dropped, attributable or not I don’t know but it has been a notable change in the time I have been using the gel.

So far this has been a very positive change considering it has only been 2 weeks and I am relying on the gel only.  I honestly cannot wait to get the liquid into my system to see what it can do for inflammatory markers, oxidative stress and overall autoimmune problems.

Why Redox?

The best part about this stuff is it replaces a molecule that is native to the body that declines rapidly after puberty, so the risks of any adverse reactions are almost nil.  Redox molecules occur naturally and are bio-identical to what you find in Asea.

Studies have shown that Asea will bump up glutathione levels by 500% as well as SOD by 300%.  That is impressive, so by now you can probably see why I am more excited than a 3 year old waiting for father xmas, the tooth fairy and the easter bunny all at once!  If you are unsure why glutathione is so important you can check my article about MTHFR here – in short it is the master antioxidant in the body and does not get produced properly, in enough quantity, if you have MTHFR.  That leads to oxidative stress, inflammation and disease (among other things)

If you are keen to have a crack at the Renu28 yourself you can go here to get some and in the next few months the same link should get you access to the Asea liquid as well.

If you do, let me know how it goes!  I would be really keen to hear your experience…

Narelle x



This is a personal affiliate link for the purpose of disclosure. The product is hard to get here in Australia and was set up primarily to support your purchases here because it is THAT good.


Tropical Salad with Paw Paw and Coconut OMG

I had to share this little beauty with you tonight.  You know how sometimes kitchen experiments turn out Copy of 20151127_180245 (640x360)
exceptionally well?  Well this is one of those!!

It has anti-inflammatory paw paw in it, and all the flavors of the tropics to tantalize your taste buds!


This has got to be one of the easiest and yummiest salads to whip up on a balmy night.  Great with fish in a salsa-ish kind of way.  It will take you all of about 5 minutes, 10 if you are dangerous with a knife and need to go slow.

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Affirmation, Commitment and the Universe

I wanted to talk a little today about how the universe works.  I know some of you might not believe in things being meant to be, some of you do – and I wanted to share this little story about my recent experience.  Chakra meditation (1)

As some of you may be aware I am a passionate advocate for people who have or are being bullied, I am in the throes of building an online program to help people with this not just using my skills as a counsellor and polarity therapist but my own personal experiences.  It’s scary to do, really scary at times.  And I am at the point in this process where shit is about to get real.  It’s exciting and  very real, and at times quite overwhelming.

I felt so overwhelmed earlier this week that I had thoughts of maybe I should just give up, it’s hard, and so much work and maybe it would just be easier to work for someone else.  Just that day I received a ‘thanks but no thanks’ email for a position I had applied for some months ago when I was first moving to Townsville.  The very next day that same agency called, apparently so impressed with my CV, wondering if I was still looking for a job. By this time I had gotten over myself enough to decline their kind offer. Continue reading

What is Polarity Therapy?

I often get asked what the hell is this Polarity stuff and how can it help me, so I have put together a little blog for you to help understand the science behind this cutting edge healing modality.

It’s basis is in the ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic systems and works with the human energy field to identify and release blockages in the emotional fields, that ultimately lead to blockages and disease at the physical level.

It is performed fully clothed unless other massage is indicated or requested

Polarity can treat5 elements energy pic Continue reading

Sago Pudding with coconut and mango

Are you looking for something yummy and a little naughty that’s gluten free, dairy free and 100% awesome?  Then try this little recipe.  You can bang it up in 15 minutes.

You will need2015-07-14 18.47.31

1 cup sago

1 1/2 cups water

1 cup mango puree (i use canned mango)

180ml tin coconut cream

1 dessertspoon of coconut sugar

pinch salt ( preferably good quality Himalayan pink salt)

shaves of coconut for garnish

First up get the sago into a heavy based saucepan with the water and cook, stirring it most of the time until the balls float to the top, go clear and you have a thick gel.  This should take 5-10 minutes or so.

While that’s cooking pop all the other ingredients except the garnish in the nutribullet ( or other blender) and whazz it into a puree.

As soon as the sago is cooked take it off the heat and stir through the puree.  Pour into bowls, either as single serves or a family size bowl and sprinkle with the shaves of coconut.

Refrigerate until set…maybe an hour or so and you should be good to go 🙂