Official Asea Launch in Australia – Reporting in!

Asea have opened their doors in Australia, officially!
I cannot tell you how much I learned on the weekend at the Australia & New Zealand launch of Asea –asea australia launch because it was was simply mind blowing.
I heard stories from people from all account who should be dead until they discovered the Asea products and turned their health around. Real people like you and me. People who had diseases and conditions that often kill people. Diseases that were described as having 2 year treatment plans that would cause them to have all their body hair fall our among a whole lot of other symptoms.  Diseases that often are fatal.
I heard from athletes who had better performance and recovery from using these products, like the lady who was cycling 100km a day using just #renu28 on her muscles and experienced no pain or fatigue…or the guy who knocked 10 minutes off Grant Kennys Coolangatta Gold time a year after battling a life threatening illness, both were helped along by these products!

I heard from the founders, and their story about why Asea went down the road of being a #networkmarketing company, and how they dearly would love to change how network marketing is done to make it ethical and make the people their number one priority, I can tell you this much – they are doing this and kicking big goals for all involved!! The WHY network marketing backstory is an interesting one, they could have sold the patents for these products to pharmaceutical interests for enough money to make it worth their while, but people mattered….the people in the focus groups who otherwise were in trouble and had life threatening conditions mattered…Verdis Norton, the founder of Asea was 70 years old when he started this company up…well into retirement and he did not need the money…because people matter
Let me ask you this simple question – do you have cells in your body???
Of course the answer is you do – and then I can tell you they are aging every moment….in some cases they are inflamed and full of oxidative stress causing pain and disease.
Sometimes they just need a little help to get through the day or recover from exercise and work better.
In every minute of every day they are using redox molecules to try and keep you healthy, slow oxidation, fight off inflammatory stressors, slow the aging process and keep you in good health.  
Without #redox you cannot utilize #glutathione effectively, you cannot detoxify properly.  You cannot heal, cells cannot heal.
Without redox molecules we would die!
You don’t need to be  sick or unhealthy to benefit from redox, but those who are sick have more gains to make from supplementing with it.
Want to  know more?? Talk to me 🙂

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