Redox Molecules

Redox molecules are the breakthrough in health and wellbeing technology this century.  20 years in R&D to develop the ability to create stable redox signalling molecules has been realised with these molecules now being ‘bottled’.

Redox molecules are native to you body, so by taking them you are simply putting back that which depletes as we grow older, in fact they start depleting around puberty!

At skin level, redox molecules have been shown in clinical trials to increase circulation to the skin cells by around 30%, this has enormous application in beauty, cellulite reduction and the management of other skin issues.

Ingested, the ASEA drink has been shown to boost glutathione(our master antioxidant) production by 500% and SOD by 300%.  This is probably particularly interesting if you have the genetic mutation MTHFR, chronic health concerns or are looking for additional endurance capability.  In fact there are a ton of medical journals and trials showing just how much redox signalling benefits the body.

For me I got onto this because of autoimmune issues, namely thyroid and arthritis, high inflammation and oxidative stress.  Redox molecules seemed a very logical choice for me to try as it is completely non toxic as opposed to the drugs I was being prescribed to otherwise help manage these conditions.

I have been blown away so far by how much it has helped me.  For me it has been the biggest breakthrough since discovering methyl folate for MTHFR.

Here is a little video explaining about redox for you and how it all works.  If you have questions, interest in trialing to products or simply want a chat about how they might fit in with your treatment plans, keeping you looking youthful, managing skin issues or cellulite or training regime please call or email me!