ASEA – The science behind the brand

Like many people, I was very skeptical about ASEA when I first saw it.  So I researched it, a lot!

What I found out from doing my own research about ASEA was this:

  • There are 30 patents and counting on the technology.
  • The pharmaceutical industry were willing to pay a lot of money for these patents, the founders chose another avenue to get this product onto the market, network marketing.
  • The ASEA products are perfectly safe, so no harm to try them.
  • That in under 90 days I would have some positive result if I was going to get them, and I did.
  • That the redox molecules found in ASEA are independently verified as being genuinely in the product in the concentration as labelled.
  • There are clinical trials supporting not only safety but positive outcomes from using the ASEA products in cellular renewal, circulation and oxidative stress related conditions.

 The video below shows some of the results ASEA has been getting in clinical trials:

ASEA take great pride in doing business ethically and with integrity, their founders ethos is this “it is the people tat matter most”, and to ensure this is the case product testing and validation is incredibly important to them.  I have found this company are congruent, supportive and genuinely care.

Most of all though, I have experienced positive health outcomes for myself and people that I have recommended the product to.