Redox Signalling and Inflammation

Hello friends!

I have a little update for you in how I am managing MTHFR and it’s associated issues and I feel like I might have hit the holy grail!

Do any of you follow Sterling at MTHFR Support?  Have you heard her talk about redox signalling?

I first saw her posting about this about 6 months ago and it got my attention! She was having some amazing results using  products called Asea and Renu28.  At that stage I did not follow it up and as the universe does when I don’t pay enough attention kept getting reminders about this put in front of me.  The most recent being this article about clinical studies being done on the involvement of redox molecules in rheumatoid arthritis.  As you can imagine with mine and my family history this was on my must read list.  It talks a lot about oxidative stress, something I know I personally have a lot of, as well as inflammatory stress; something that redox molecules can address.

With that I got onto my friends over in the states to get some of this stuff to try. I really wanted the Asea liquid but will have to wait for TGA approval early in the new year for that, but I was able to get hold of the gel, Renu28.

My experience thus far (2 weeks) with Renu has been interesting.  I have been using it on my face, around my thyroid and around lymphatic nodes as well as on my shoulders when they hurt.  These are the results:

  • Skin looks better in spite of my spending quite a bit of time in the sun (one of the joys of living in QLD)
  • My thyroid seemed to start working better, increased energy and hunger both signs of a faster metabolism.
  • My shoulders whilst not permanently fixed do get relief when I put the gel on them, I sleep better as a result.
  • Sugar cravings have dropped, attributable or not I don’t know but it has been a notable change in the time I have been using the gel.

So far this has been a very positive change considering it has only been 2 weeks and I am relying on the gel only.  I honestly cannot wait to get the liquid into my system to see what it can do for inflammatory markers, oxidative stress and overall autoimmune problems.

Why Redox?

The best part about this stuff is it replaces a molecule that is native to the body that declines rapidly after puberty, so the risks of any adverse reactions are almost nil.  Redox molecules occur naturally and are bio-identical to what you find in Asea.

Studies have shown that Asea will bump up glutathione levels by 500% as well as SOD by 300%.  That is impressive, so by now you can probably see why I am more excited than a 3 year old waiting for father xmas, the tooth fairy and the easter bunny all at once!  If you are unsure why glutathione is so important you can check my article about MTHFR here – in short it is the master antioxidant in the body and does not get produced properly, in enough quantity, if you have MTHFR.  That leads to oxidative stress, inflammation and disease (among other things)

If you are keen to have a crack at the Renu28 yourself you can go here to get some and in the next few months the same link should get you access to the Asea liquid as well.

If you do, let me know how it goes!  I would be really keen to hear your experience…

Narelle x



This is a personal affiliate link for the purpose of disclosure. The product is hard to get here in Australia and was set up primarily to support your purchases here because it is THAT good.


2 thoughts on “Redox Signalling and Inflammation

  1. This is great news Narelle, I love what ASEA drink and RENU 28 are doing for me too!

    What’s happening here in the US is beginning to happen also in Australia. One thing we know about ASEA And Renu28 is that this is a true health science breakthrough.

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