All appointments are tailored to suit your needs and any combination of modalities can be mixed to suit you.  Please, if you are concerned, discuss your needs when you book to ensure enough time is allowed for you to get the most from your visit


Treatment Times & Guidelines on How Long it Takes for What

30 minute treatments

Chakra Balancing – working with the water currents and their flow through the physical body, a chakra balance will leave you feeling restored and refreshed. It may help realign your physical body when the body releases built up tensions. It is highly meditative and can create a safe place to simply ‘let go’.  Oracle readings can also be done in 30 minute blocks, in fact this is a most popular service!  A great little gift idea too!

60 minute treatments

These treatments can include a general body balance working through all of the elements of energy that flow. Our fire, water, air and earth will be balanced in the ether, which is the space in which they reside. Other more specific remedial treatments can be applied in this time frame in conjunction with or without counselling if needed. These are personalized upon discussion with each client.  Reading can also be done over the hours for more in depth work as can counselling. In an hour we are able to combine more than one service to suit or needs on the day.

90 minute treatments

These are best suited to those who have some specific goals they they wish to work on and understand that a combined approach including counselling techniques and bodywork is the most holistic and thorough approach in reaching them and having them really ‘stick’. Often these are bigger goals and take a little more time and effort to achieve.  This will almost always be a blend of services to suit what you need and want to achieve.