Coaching Packages

Often I am asked ‘why coaching?’ or even ‘why bother’, and I answer:  ‘coaching is about mindset, about growth and change, it’s ultimately about getting clear on what you want and knowing how to get there, and if you want those things coaching may not only help, it may in fact be a necessity’.

So let’s chat a little more on this…

Do you feel stuck?

Hiding behind a smile, a job?

Does your life just feel wrong, sad, lonely or unfullfilling?

You tell yourself stories about why or how it ‘is what it is’ to justify never having to look any closer at why you are so miserable…

The idea that this is how life will be forever quite frankly scares the shit out of you!

Let me ask you this…

  • Is this how you want to live and spend your days?
  • Is this what you imagined your life would be?
  • Do you ever ask ‘why me’?
  • Are you tired of being treated like shit by bosses, family or supposed friends?

Surely you want more from life than this?

  • You want the freedom to be you, the real you
  • You want to be able to say and do what you feel without fear
  • You want to feel valued
  • You want to feel real love

You want the freedom to be who you are!

Are you tired of burying your pain with alcohol food or anything else you can find to numb yourself?

You know there there is more to life than this but you just don’t know yet how to access it…

You want to know real peace

coaching packages blessed healthLets unravel the mess, and let’s do this…together.

You Have Got This!

And I have got your back every step of the way…

Coaching Packages:

Coaching packages are designed to suit every budget and degree of need, and the more you need the less you pay 🙂

5  x 60 minute sessions $630 – click here to get me

10 x 60 minute sessions $1100 – click here to get me

Casual coaching sessions – $149 – click here to get one of me

All links will take you to paypal me to pay, once that is completed we can book your sessions.  Email if you would prefer to be invoiced.  Any questions, specific needs to discuss or to make alternative booking or payment arrangements please email me here – I am more than happy to be flexible to your specific situation  where possible.