Polarity Therapy

psychopysiological chartI use Polarity Therapy to help the body in number of ways.
Firstly – Polarity Therapy is an amazing tool for moving stored emotions and pain out of the body. This helps bring unresolved emotions to the surface and into our conscious awareness. By doing this we are able to work through these emotions in a relaxed, caring atmosphere so that you can be free of their ongoing influence (or at least be aware of their impact on you).
Secondly – Polarity Therapy can be very useful when you become overwhelmed by powerful emotions. It works by releasing the energy blockages that are causing you to become overwhelmed in a conscious and meaningful way. Emotions that are ‘stuck’ in the body are simply a build up of tension (or blocked energy) at a particular site and create a feeling of being mentally or emotionally ‘stuck’ as well as the resulting physical dis-ease. In this case polarity calms the nerves and restores flow.  It balances your chakras and meridians as described in ancient medical texts to restore balance in the body.
Finally – Polarity therapy is an amazing preventative treatment as it induces deep relaxation, enabling the body to gently heal and the mind to let go of stress. It can bring about a new awareness of self which provides many ongoing benefits to the client. This is a very useful learning tool in helping you understand the stress signals that the body gives out when we are not functioning harmoniously and in alignment.
I am able to combine polarity therapy with counselling techniques to facilitate lasting improvements in clients physical and emotional state, assist in bringing desired changes into fruition to help create a life that you truly love.  30, 60 or 90 mins available