The Bra or the Breath


I wrote this piece many years ago for a Polarity Therapists publication, sorry if there is a bit of technical jargon.  Overall though the message I hope is really clear ladies….boobies and breath, so incredibly important to us. chakra website

There are some quite compelling arguments as to  why women should burn their bras.  Due to their construction not allowing for the dynamic nature of our bodies, they are usually tight and ill fitting.  Their under wires and snug fitting bands cut into the ribcage and shoulders and impede the way the diaphragm functions.  They can cause chronic back, neck and shoulder pain in some.  They heave the breast into an unnatural position, which can restrict the drainage of lymph from the breast nodes.  The sucking action of the diaphragm assists this when it is functioning properly!  It can be argued that by wearing a bra you are actually contributing to sagging.  Over time the function of the pectoralis major, minor and serratus anterior muscles is impaired, and the suspensory ligaments can atrophy – all resulting in the breasts not having the support mother nature had intended for them.I would like to now examine this issue from an energetic perspective.  The area of the body we are talking about is around heart chakra and chest oval, both relating to the Air principle.  If you look at the 5 point star you will note that the area where the bra straps cut in over the shoulder are respiratory and diaphragm reflexes.  The brachial plexus is vitally important  in balancing the air principle as it allows us to draw in vital energy.  To bind this up, as well as our ribcage,  with lace and elastic must have consequences to the bodies ability to draw in the energy it needs.  Spinal harmonics tells us that the vertebra of the cervical spine, from which these areas are enervated, very much relate to the organs and function the of lymphatic system. Perhaps the reason the lymphatic system gets jammed up in the breast nodes is due to the energetic effects of wearing a bra.  Could it be that the long term compression  of all these reflex points and the diaphragm by bra straps and under wires could be to blame?

Why would we choose to wear something that restricts our diaphragm and impedes our ability to breathe in this way?  The bra not only physically affects the diaphragm, but in an energetic sense it has implications to respiration as well as the free flow of energy through all of the chakras.  The Air principle governs movement on all levels: mental, physical and emotional. Women have bound their heart charkas for decades by restricting the breath and cutting off supply of energy to all that lies below.  Surely this must have a knock on effect to the entire being on all levels: mentally, physically and emotionally. With the high incidence of right side contraction in society today being reported by Polarity Practitioners, in both males and females, could it be that we are being affected by something bigger?  Are we disconnecting our physical bodies from the self love, acceptance and expression of our true selves;  or are we starving our soul of its ability to truly express itself in a physical sense?  Does all this have   more to do with the breath than the breast?    In between dousing the bra with petrol and lighting the match perhaps we could spare a moment to give some thought to the real reason we need to burn the bra!

Interesting Fact:  Did you know the first brassiere was patented in 1914 by Mary Phelps Jacobs and fashioned from two handkerchiefs and some pink ribbon.  Isn’t it ironic that the pink ribbon is now the worldwide symbol for breast cancer, and the year 1914 coincides very nicely with World War I.

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