Understanding MTHFR (mofo) for beginners & 10 tips on coping with it

Hi fellow mofo’s!  I am a compound hetrozygous mofo, how about you?  Have no idea what that even means?  Neither did I once until I realised it explained a whole lot of health concerns that otherwise seemed to have no relationship with each other except my body….like me you are probably ‘not old enough’ to be dealing with this shit!

So if you have any of the following issues then mofo might be your trouble too:

  • chronic fatiguemofo5
  • fibromyalagia
  • autoimmune disease and auto antibodies
  • inflammation from unexplained causes – this is generally long term, chronic inflammation
  • joint aches and pains
  • poor tolerance to stress – i mean physically and emotionally here
  • neurological disorders – think Parkinson, dementia, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, auditory processing disorder
  • poor immune response and the good chance you catch every bug going, especially when stressed
  • mental health issues such as anxiety and depression
  • psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia or bipolar
  • cardiovascular disease such as blood clotting and stroke
  • elevated homo-cysteine
  • poor liver function that’s not due to the fact you are an alcoholic
  • hormonal imbalance of every kind, prone to estrogen dominance
  • addiction issues
  • just generally feel like shit most of the time for no real reason

The scary thing is this.  This is is not the entire list of things mofo can do, just the more common things.  As you can imagine when you get a few or more of these going on they can create a life and set of problems all on their own.  I know because I have been there and will probably spend the rest of my life managing it.

SO there are 2 main genes at play here.  You might read about 677 and 1298 mutations.  Compound hetrozygous means I have one copy of each.  Thanks mum and dad! Homozygous mean you have 2 copies of each.  Rarely someone will be homozygous for both 677 and 1298, chances are they are very sick people, and through no fault of their own.

What does MTHFR or mofo actually do to your body?

Well in short is reduces your ability to convert folate into it’s bio active and useful form, 5mthf.  It also impacts your ability to utilise other B vitamins as well that require methylation. Methylation is the process that is disrupted by this mutation and is responsible for many things in the body but I will list some of the important ones for you :

  • DNA synthesis
  • neurotransmitter production
  • converting B vitamins into useful form.  This serves 2 purposes, clearing it from your bloodstream and giving you the benefit of the vitamin itself.
  • Glutathione production – the master antoxidant
  • detoxification
  • energy production -ATP

Here is a bit of a diagram on the cycle for those, who like me, are visual




The important thing here is to get tested.  Learn more about your own body and what does and does not work for it.  Don’t think for a minute this is all there is to know as these genes are impacted by a whole range of other genes and factors.  You may want to get professional help is sorting out what works for you as there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach here(sadly).

My tips

  1. Importantly avoid synthetic B vitamins, only take methylated ones.  personally I use thorne methyl guard and now products TMG.  you can get them from iherb.com.  If you are in Australia you will most likely need to look offshore for these products.  I also use redox signalling products to boost glutathione.  That’s a blog for another day but you can get them here is you are interested.  The Renu gel s great for topical pain relief and does have some systemic benefit.
  2. Only start one supplement at a time and at low dose.  Monitor how your body feels.
  3. Avoid supermarket brand cleaning products and personal care products.  They are full of hormone disruptors like BPA, pthalates, sulphates and other nasties like heavy metals.  I get mine from iherb or low chemical brands like eco-store or planet earth.  Not ideal but better than many.  If you are crafty you might even be able to make your own from vinegar and baking soda.  Same goes for food, the cleaner, more natural the better.  Organics work!
  4. Manage your stress levels, even if this means big lifestyle changes, cutting workloads or making time for yourself.  Better you do it while you have some control over the situation than let your health suffer to the point it sits you on your arse!
  5. Meditate and if you are like me and you have a hard time getting your brain to shut the f–k up when you try, it probably means you need to do it more often!  Get a guided CD or message me for one.  You Tube it, there are ways 🙂
  6. Infrared sauna – great for detoxing, lubricating joints and getting mobile
  7. Counselling.  Great for getting your head to quiet down, getting your head around the issue and acceptance.  Only then will you be able to plan for, and make the changes you need to.
  8. Bodywork such as Polarity Therapy, reiki, massage etc.  It will help your body cope by balancing the parasympathetic nervous system with your sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) at the physical level.  It will also help you connect with your body, often when we are unwell disconnecting is how we cope.  It only works short term, if it works at all.  This is a much better way!
  9. Get support.  There are some great resources out there, use them!
  10. Love.  It sounds cray cray right?  But love for yourself, your body, your planet and your life makes a world of difference.  Learn to feel love from others.  Your soul is pure love, feel it and radiate it.  It will heal.



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